Boutique & lounge

Jannick Formentini - Commercial Director, Infinity Roses
Infinity Roses is a project that was born to surprise. A revolutionary project created to enter into the most exclusive locations, and give those who receive it a new concept of what a flower can be.
We imagined a unique object, we imagined being able to surprise everyone all over again with a new idea of Beauty, exclusivity and charm. We decided to create the finest example of floral hat-box arrangements. First of all we made an effort to find the finest examples of preserved roses and import them directly from the most important locations, and then arrange them inside the finest examples of hand-crafted hat boxes.
We are proud of this idea, of our ingenuity in imagining a new decorative furnishing accessory, a new prestigious object, a new gift that a woman or man can give to honor the most important moments in their life experience.
We imagined a new hat-box, a collectible item made completely by hand at every stage of production: from the design studio to its final realization in our workshop to obtain a finished product that can excite everyone who sees it, and make them fall in love. We've created hatboxes in various materials: wood, fine papers, glass, and also precious leathers, in order to satisfy the most important requests of all of our clients who will buy or receive an Infinity Roses gift in the near future.
We have also created a new shopping ritual for everyone who experiences the Infinity Roses boutique. I'm talking, obviously, about the Ritual Treasure, that magic box inside of which our client discovers the beauty of all of our collections. Inside, we find all our floral fragrances, every color of rose from our collections and all the available materials for our hatboxes. This way the customer preparing to buy his or her Infinity Roses discovers that each arrangement is customized for their specific needs.
We wanted to put a finishing touch on our project, so we created exclusive perfume fragrances, genuine Eau de Parfum born to bring our floral arrangements to life.
This attention to detail, the selection of just the right fragrance, the ability to understand the personal aspects surrounding the color of the roses; this is why we are convinced that your experience at the Infinity Roses Boutique will be a unique one, and will make you fall in love, convinced that from now on our luxury boxes will be the perfect gift to celebrate your most important moments.


The revolutionary wheeled showcase, with its double-faced display, makes the spaces shine with light and color. A golden counter to let customer live the Ritual Treasure experience.

Lounge Bar

Conviviality and multimedia come together in the Lounge area to offer maximum comfort and service to our customers.

Enter into the entrepreneurial Infinity Roses experience

Furnishings are designed and manufactured entirely by hand with fine finishes such as crystals, lacquered woods and white marble with gold veins.

It’s a new shopping experience, a concept created to amaze and fall in love with. Elegance, luxury and exclusivity: welcome to the Boutique Infinity Roses. - Internet Partner