Infinity Roses Professional

In order not to make your special moments wilt, Infinity Roses Italy has designed for you a product able to preserve the eternal magic of your unique moments. Bouquets of roses that never fade, of ten different colors, kept in elegant and sophisticated collectible boxes.
The stabilized roses of the IR Italy brand are designed to conquer your senses and those of those close to your heart. Designed to furnish the most exclusive spaces and activate your senses thanks to their scents. The active ingredients of natural origin, in fact, are chemically bound with the stabilizing agents present in the "eternal roses", which act as a catalyst, once activated they capture the fragrance particles by impregnating the aroma that allows them to emanate in the surrounding environment their fragrance.

Roses that do not wither are treated to ensure that their charm and beauty never fade. Immerse yourself in our world, we will be happy to welcome you on board for a new extraordinary adventure. - Internet Partner