Ritual treasure

What is Ritual Treasure? It's your sensory sensory ritual.

"Imagine having your eyes blindfolded and being invited to perceive an intoxicating, unique, enveloping fragrance ... with the obscured vision, you will feel the other senses amplify and become more sensitive ... this experience that helps to evaluate from angles different the daily act, giving it a new and meaningful value ".

We wanted to make your Infinity Roses experience unique by making you experience a multi-sensory ritual, in which all the main senses are involved.
The olfactory activation that accompanies our collectible luxury box has been selected to make you fall in love, so that your emotions become reality.
This experience unites in a unique way with the colors of the roses: each of them is able to identify individual personalities until you find yours, unique and eternal.

Thanks to Ritual Treasure your shopping experience will be unique and prestigious.


Art in the narration, excellences in the floral field and charm of the sensory experience are the guidelines on which our olfactory path is based: Ritual Treasure takes you into a world made of words, looks, gestures, colors, perfumes and attention to detail, framed in a unique atmosphere.

An experience that aims to reactivate your senses, giving pleasure and emotional involvement: each customer is considered unique, bearer of a story to dedicate time exclusively and transmit his world in the luxury box that will be created by our Italian artisans.

A precious object deserves emotion and delicacy as in dreams: welcome to the luxury experience Infinity Roses.
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