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A unique experience of design, multimedia and comfort: welcome to the Maison Infinity Roses. A careful analysis and market research has led us to imagine a unique, revolutionary and unmistakable product.
The taste, elegance and perfection of Made in Italy, in a new concept of floral tribute: an important event, an exclusive thought that maintains its perfection over time.

An entirely handmade product, realized in all its supply chain by artisans and professionals, supported by design studios, graphic laboratories, prototyping and sampling rooms designed to guarantee quality and excellence.
Paolo Maggio - CEO and Founder, Infinity Roses
Infinity Roses is a marvelous, new, exciting project. It was born out of a personal experience that made me realize: wait, something is missing.
I'm referring to a ritual: an anniversary, and therefore the giving of a gift, usually flowers, to one's partner or loved one. I thought that there was something missing, something that could better involve the person who has to find that special something. My other thought was making things last, creating a more permanent gesture.
That's when I thought that this ritual should involve something precious, luxurious and simple at the same time. It's the composition, the attention to every detail and specific, that makes the difference, to create an absolutely memorable experience.
This all led us to an entrepreneurial challenge: enhancing and packaging an exclusive product, made from Italian materials and know-how, producing a collectible luxury box.
Infinity Roses is a project based on the continuous search for details, innovative materials, fragrances and everything else that can make a person dream, always making the experience a unique and innovative one.
At that point there was only a single aspect missing, a final detail or ingredient to make an apparently-simple gesture truly special. The Ritual Treasure is a new experience that involves the person who thought of the gift.
Ritual Treasure, for us, means first of all to excite and involve the person who has decided to select our Luxury Box.
Finally, we decided to make the brand evolve, through the creation and opening of boutiques.
These are exclusive, with a modern, fresh, captivating image to nurture the growth of this entrepreneurial experience, not only for us but for anyone who wants to try their hand at this new project. - Internet Partner