Bandbox Collection

The taste, elegance and perfection of the Made in Italy, incorporated in a new concept of floral tribute: an important event, an exclusive thought that maintains its perfection over time. An entirely handmade product, realized in its whole supply chain by artisans and professionals, supported by design and graphic studios, with prototyping and show rooms conceived to guarantee quality and excellence.
The artisanal experience lives again in a prestigious and unique object: the handmade hatbox Made in Italy.
Fine finishes, choice of exclusive colors, research of the best raw materials and perfection in branding to deliver a Luxury Box collection.

A variety of materials such as noble papers, woods, iron, glass and precious leathers to give a new concept of exclusivity.
The Luxury Box Infinity Roses are a new piece of furniture, a design object and an exclusive gift.

The Infinity Roses collections, in various sizes and shapes, reflect the personality, taste and style of those who receive them, designed to seal a unique moment.

Elegant, fancy, vintage and feminine, the hatbox has always been a symbol of charm and taste in the Made in Italy world of fashion: an ancient history that bases its roots in the culture and work of the master craftsmen of the 19th century, who created ornaments and womens hatboxes with manual skills now disappeared.
Complex and weeks or even months long productions, made up of interweaving of threads of various materials: felt, hemp, cotton and paper.
The new Flower Box market has been revolutionized in our Maison, bringing to excellence levels not only the floral tribute, but also the container that preserves it, creating a union of values ​​and meanings: the universal and timeless beauty of the rose that today is eternal, reaching therefore its perfection, together with the exclusiveness of the craftsmanship of the handmade Infinty Roses hatboxes.
The Flower Box becomes a Luxury Box conceived as a gift, a prize, a piece of furniture and a new symbol of love full of meaning and completely personal.


All our products, stabilized roses and jeweled hats, have the Social Responsibility certificate.
In fact, our productions respect the high international standards of Social and Environmental Responsibility, in line with the sustainable profile of the company.

Our statement

Infinity Roses products are created by the hands of expert Italian craftsmen. Our values ​​reflect the tradition of Made in Italy: within the production chain the high international standards of Social and Environmental Responsibility are respected, consistent with the sustainable profile of the company. Every object made with our precious materials is processed according to purely traditional principles in order to highlight the high quality characteristics of the raw materials and therefore any small imperfections are to be considered as valuable. The delicacy to scratches or fingerprints makes the Infinity Roses product unique. Storage method: store in a dry place away from heat sources. For every need the Infinity Roses staff is always at your disposal. - Internet Partner