Flower experience

Luciana Trezza - Exporrt Manager Infinity Roses Italy
Infinity Roses is an italian brand. It belongs to a company which is called Beauty Experience which is located in Verona and this project has been developed in the last year because we thought that the market really wanted something very special as a gift, as a flower gift.
We have developed this project which is made up of "preserved roses", the roses comes from South America because there is a special climate there that allows the Roses to be cultivated in the right way then there is a specifical chemical process that can allow the Roses to last for 2 o 3 or even more years.
We have decided to create a special gift placing this special Rose inside handmade boxes which are all made in Italy and these are like hatboxes that can be in different sizes, in different format.
And this Roses are activated with special perfume cause we have also developed different fragrances that can personalize the gift. The fact that there is a perfume that can personalize this kind of gift is a big difference comparing on the other products on the market.
We have created a special experience - I would say - for the final consumer who want to buy this gift because the person can choose the color of the Rose, can choose the color of the box and can choose the special finishing of the box.
We are here in Germany because we want to develop also the foreign market, we are quite strong in Italy now so we are expecting to spread our business abroad and I'm sure that we will do it! A lot of people are looking at the Roses and they say Oh! Amazing and they like very much, they like the product very muich and they like the idea of the possibility make this floweers have a special fragrance and they are really surprised and sometimes they say Oh! But are these real roses or are they really lasting so long 2-3 years? So people are really attractive by the roses by this flowers and this colours.
The avant-garde vision and entrepreneurial vision combine to give life to a new Made in Italy project: Infinity Roses.
The study of design, the search for the best color combinations, the choice of various finishes of value to create a unique and precious object.
Excite, excite, amaze, fall in love, are our values, we have imagined a new idea of luxury, exclusivity and beauty.
Flower experience means living the brand, grasping the essence of the product, the philosophy, the business idea.
In a world where everything is homologated, differentiating means defining who we are.
Infinity Roses is all this: it is an exclusive and innovative Made in Italy product. A collection of flowers of different colors that distinguish different personalities and identify a character.
Delicate, precious, wild, highly selected by the botanists of the Beauty Excellence maison.

Infinity Roses offers a wide range of fragrances, to inebriate your senses: a real beauty ritual.
For the first time a revolutionary rose has blossomed, all starting from an inspiration. A durable, durable rose that recalls its beauty and your memories.

We have chosen to let you experience this multi-sensory experience in our boutique, where we will accompany you step by step in choosing your luxury box.

Living the Infinity Roses ritual means to have a unique union between the mother pink and the collectible jewel hatbox.
Fine finishes, endless customizations to tell your emotions, your stories.

We are ready for this trip, and you?
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