Private Label

Infinity Roses, through the Private Label area, creates, customizes and reinvents its creations for your business and your brand.
Design, prototyping, coloring and assembly studies are the crucial moments for the creation of your customized Luxury Boxes.

The Private Label division of Infinity Roses has the aim of enhancing and confirming the codes and the irrefutable style of our Brand Partners, always maintaining the unmistakable style that distinguishes us.

Thanks to the Private Label service, you can make your luxury box branded and decorated with unique patterns and materials chosen by you together with your consultants.
Creating a branded stabilized luxury box for roses ensures a unique and inimitable style of touch for your brand, allowing you to create valuable business gifts, wonderful marketing objects and elegant design.

Customized logos, textures, materials: details that will make the branded luxury box, your signature unmistakable. - Internet Partner