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A revolutionary process through a technological innovation that preserves its durability and authentic freshness, these are the secrets of a new conception of flower: the Stabilized Rose.
A unique and universal beauty, combined with a soft and delicate texture that make this rose the new protagonist of your most exclusive and unforgettable moments.
The favorable climatic conditions, together with a specific geological conformation, make South America the ideal habitat for the primary world production of flowers.
Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, with over twenty years of experience in floral plantations on the Andean highlands, are now recognized as the world's leading exporters of stabilized roses.

The slow and complex process of flower stabilization in line with the preservation of the organoleptic properties begins with the choice of the land through the search for special plots of land and the protection of the flowers in specific controlled greenhouses.
Roses are grown in very specific climatic and nutritive conditions while maintaining a high standard of quality and shape.
The South American "Fazende", in the forefront of social commitment, offer an important opportunity for many orphans by providing them with good education and respect for the environment.
Part of the proceeds of the floral exports of the fazende allow the organization of events for charity aimed at the creation of schools, canteens and libraries for the less affluent populations.

From these bases comes the official collection of stabilized roses Infinity Roses.
Roses in ten pigmentations housed in jeweled hats designed to guarantee the longevity of roses and to become a design furnishing item with a refined and elegant taste.
The Official Collection's Infinity Roses luxury boxes are in two colors: pearl and diamond. They are also decorated with satin ribbons that recall the color of the rose inside.
At our customers' disposal there are various formats, either of the hatboxes (circular or cubic), or of the number of roses (from 7 to 96).
Finally, to complete the experience, the fragrances are found: 4 delicate perfumes, each with its own story and its own meaning, which have the purpose of activating the roses and making them unique and inimitable.

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