Per la Profumeria

Infinity Roses for Perfumery: an innovative and modern commercial project created to offer a new experience of beauty and elegance to the renowned perfumery area.

A unique world, made of skills and professionalism where the selection of the most complex and advanced aromas is combined with the wide range of colors of the stabilized roses set in handmade luxury boxes.
The choice of a perfume has always been a very personal moment, intimate where sensations and memories resurface in our mind by binding to the odorous notes that stimulate us. Likewise, the Infinitive Roses Ritual wraps the customer among his aromas, born as Eau de Parfume and floral activators at the same time, accompanying him in a new path of choice: identifying the perfect union between his rose and the luxury box more suitable for the occasion.

Showcases completely handmade, which are consoles for our majestic roses, which give off light and life. Inside the stores there are also interactive Kiosks for a digital and modern touch for our customers; these are just some of the proposals designed for you by our company, as a support in the commercialization of a new and unique luxury item.

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